Onsite Support

Thank you for thinking of us for your onsite support needs. We offer the Following:

  • Virus Removal
  • Security Camera Setups
  • Network Setups
  • Printer Setups
  • Backup Ups
  • Data Recovery
  • Windows Install/Reimaging
  • Password Resets(Windows, Mac, Linux)


If your issues our not listed above please don’t hesitate to email or call us to inquire the best support solution for your needs. Please keep in mind that some machines/Devices older then 4 years old are recommended to be replaced, Due to the price of repairing a Machine/Device may cost the price of a new one. Our Technicians are very truthful, If they feel your machine/Device may not be worth fixing due to age, condition, or price, They will tell you but it is up to you. We can not Warranty a machine over 4 years old what we can warranty is the hardware you may have had us replace.

Some issues may need more time to resolve onsite. Our Technicians may recommend the machine to come back to our shop for repairs or further diagnostics. We do this to save you, the Customer money. As while were onsite we charge by the hour, with a 1 hour minimum, after that we charge in 30 minute Increments and some issues may take hours to fix. Contact Us for more info or request a Quote here.

If our emails are not being received please check your spam folder and mark as not spam, Thank you