Electronics Recycling

Why should you recycle your end of life computers, laptops, and other IT equipment with Baltimore Custom Built Pc & Repair?

You will be happier recycling direct to Baltimore Custom Built Pc & Repair as we are local in the Baltimore MD area and we take your privacy as our number one concern. All electronics are wiped with the same tools as all the high end manufactures and the federal businesses. NIST 800-88r1 compliant solution for media sanitization. Securely erase’s ATA, NVMe, eMMC, and SAS drives. Create professional certificates as proof of erasure, and have confidence knowing this has been certified NIST-compliant.

You tell us what your needs are and we will do everything we can to meet them. Do you need us to remove the equipment and transport it? No problem. Do you want proof of erasing your data. No problem. Call us now (443-410-4158?) or fill out the form below: