Custom Builds

Why buy a Computer when you can have one built to your wants, needs, and specifications!

Why are we different from other websites. we offer multiple options:

We offer a dual quote process, surrounding your specifications (1 quote with your items , 1 quote with our recommendations with your specs in mind “When Requested”) as prices can very among items sometimes, you adding a little extra can go a long way. Do to price changes on hardware I can not guarantee the price doesn’t go up, or down on.

We also offer the option of price ranges:

Give us a price range of what you would like to spend. We then will create you 2 quotes in the close most possible range of what you mentioned. These quotes are free. (Additional quotes at $20 each as they take time to create)

We email the quotes to you. (most parts come with links when available.) Once quote is selected price of parts is required before purchasing. In till payment is received for parts then prices may change.

Quotes are held for 7 days from date of receiving them. if you would like to order the parts to save money from taxes and fees then a deposit of $25 will be needed. We do this now as users would get quotes from us and then not use us for the build. the fee is basically stating that i agree to have us (Baltimore Custom Built Pc & Repair) build my Pc with the following quote they have prepared once the parts have arrived . Once we build the machine then the hold of $25 will come off the ending balance. If you decide to not have us build the machine then the $25 will be kept for quoting fees occurred. if this fee is paid then the quote we offered will be extended for 30 days in order to give you time to order and for us to receive it.

Basic assembly and OS install within 2-6 business days of receiving all parts for build: $200-$350 (does not include shipping or delivery)
This also includes
Thermal paste
Zip ties

Expedited assembly is available at a higher rate ($500 due at time of order) 1-3 business days of receiving all parts for build

WE ACCEPT most payments including Zelle, Cash APP, Credit Cards Thru Paypal "Fees Charged for PayPal and Credit Card payments" Contact Us before purchase.

If our emails are not being received please check your spam folder and mark as not spam, Thank you